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A 2020 Love Story

Cliff and Domonique’s love story began over two pizzas and a bottle of wine on a 2020 summer day in Harlem. Introduced by their dear friends Daphney and Mychel, Cliff made the trek from Brooklyn to Harlem to meet Domonique for dinner. As neither of them wanted the date to end, they hopped from bar to bar that evening, sharing laughs and endless stories. Little did they know that this spontaneous date night at the height of the pandemic would change their lives forever. 

Days turned into months, and their relationship blossomed. They embarked on trips together, with one particular holiday weekend presenting the perfect opportunity for a getaway to Newport, RI. It was there, on a rooftop overlooking the water, that they made their commitment official, knowing that they had something special. Back in NYC they were still doing long distance (Harlem to Brooklyn is long distance, don't let anyone tell you differently) and enriching each other's lives.

Travel became a central pillar of their relationship, as it didn’t take long for them to realize their mutual love for exploration and adventure. Together they've traveled across Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond.

Their appetite for new experiences led them to leave their New York City home behind in May to live in Mexico City with their pup, Luna (the one who really runs the house). There's no telling where they'll end up next or what new adventures await them, but one thing they know for certain is that they will be in Akumal in late January, eager to celebrate the next chapter of their story with all of you!

A Look Back at the Memories

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